About The Team

The North Carolina Fly Fishing Team was founded in 2006. The team is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit organization. The team is dedicated to developing competitive fly fishing, and participating in regional, national, and international events.

The team was crowned the North American Fly Fishing Team Champion. As a non-profit, the team runs entirely on donations. These donations are tax-deductible.

The team is made of 15 adult team members, and 4 youth members. Its roster of talented anglers includes internationally recognized competitive anglers, authors, and fly-casting instructors. The team has two anglers serving as competitors for the US National Men’s team and three anglers serving for the US National Youth team. The team has a 3-person coaching staff.

The North Carolina Fly Fishing Team uses advanced techniques that are not commonly practiced in the United States. It has laid the foundation for competitive fly-fishing teams across North America.

Team Recognition

The North Carolina Fly Fishing Team has an amazing reputation. Most of the team members are industry insiders, that have made fly fishing a career. Many members are guides, shop employees, owners, writers, photographers, and most importantly avid fishermen that make an impact on everyone that knows the fly fishing industry.

The names on the team, including Members Josh Stephens, Chris Lee, and Paul Bourcq are household names in the competitive fly fishing industry. Other team members, like Mac Brown, have published books, and are recognized as industry experts in specific areas like Fly Casting.

Paul Bourcq has hosted Clinics for thousands about European Nymphing. He is recognized as a leader in the fly fishing industry, as a guide, and Federation of Fly Fishing Master Casting Instructor.

The other members contribute in many ways but are recognized as conservation stewards, contributing to stream research, fish studies, and project healing waters. All team members contribute to veterans from across the world, teaching them the art of fly fishing, which has therapeutic and recreational values, to both healthy and wounded veterans.

Our Coaching staff is the best in the Country, if not the world. George Daniel is the North Carolina Fly Fishing Team Head Coach. His publication, Dynamic Nymphing has taken the fly fishing industry by storm. His 5th-place finish at the World Championship was the second highest in United States Fly Fishing History.

The team travels across the world representing North Carolina and the United States. The team uses only the best trout fishing rod and reel combo and tackle. Let us represent your brand and help promote your fishing gear, products, and services.

Our Goals as a Non-Profit

Members of the NC Fly Fishing team serve as ambassadors for the sport of fly fishing and volunteer in support of a number of charities and causes, including:

Project Healing Waters, whose mission is to assist in the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active duty military personnel and veterans through fly fishing and fly tying education and outings.

The US Youth Fly Fishing Team is a non-profit organization comprised of young men and women who represent the United States at the World Fly Fishing Championships. Coached by Team NC’s Paul Bourcq, Chris Smith, Chris Lee, and Josh Stephens, the youth team is the reigning silver medal team and gold medal team.

Watershed preservation projects and promotion of environmental stewardship – Through our relationship with the youth team and the formation of a Team NC Youth program, members of Team NC educate future anglers in an effort to preserve America’s pristine resources and natural wonders while promoting a love of the outdoors.